Crawl, explore, sniff, dance
you learn so much more while you’re playing!

Utrecht has the most wonderful museum
for young children.


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Settle in a comfy chair and listen to a story
Miffy stories capture children’s hearts

Sunday afternoons are story time
listen to stories about Miffy, Melanie, Grunty and Snuffy

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The Miffy Museum is renovated
That’s why we are at a temporarily location

On the Oudegracht 167
Will you come and play soon?

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at the Miffy Museum

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‘I create a world that children fill with their own imagination.’

Dick Bruna (1927-2017)

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Summer in the museum

This Summer it can get very warm at the temporary location of the miffy museum.

Please bring enough water with you and enjoy a nice cold drink or ice cream in our coffee corner.

Click here for more information about the possibility to reschedule your visit.