We would like to make your visit to the Miffy Museum as pleasant and safe as possible. Please read the information below.

Online tickets only

Every visitor needs a (online) ticket with start time. Even if you have free access, for example with a Museum Card or children aged 0-1. In the ticket shop you choose a day and a start time. A limited number of visitors are admitted every ten minutes. This way it will not get too busy in the museum. Please arrive on time, but not too early. Order tickets now

Corona rules

From the 25th of February, visitors do not have to show a Coronavirus Entry Pass and an valid proof of identity anymore. For your own safety you can still choose to wear a mouthmask in the museum and keep distance. 

One way route

In some areas the museum uses a one way system and we ask visitors to follow any signage or advice from staff. Here’s the actual Floorplan.

Buggy’s and wardrobe

You can store your buggy as much as possible in the buggy shed on the ground floor. On the 1st floor there are lockers to store your coats and bags.

Eating and drinking

Food and drinks are not allowed in the Miffy museum. At the coffee corner you can get tasty snacks, a Miffy pancake and drinks. You can eat it there.

Visit duration

In order to receive as many visitors as possible, we kindly request you to stay for a maximum of 1.5 hours.

Buy tickets online

Order your tickets for the Miffy Museum now. Everyone needs an (online) ticket with a starting time, even if you have free access. This way your visit remains safe and pleasant.

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Summer in the museum

This Summer it can get very warm at the temporary location of the miffy museum.

Please bring enough water with you and enjoy a nice cold drink or ice cream in our coffee corner.

Click here for more information about the possibility to reschedule your visit.