The Miffy Museum wishes to express special thanks to the following partner organisations for their generous contributions.

Mercis bv

Mercis manages Dick Bruna’s worldwide copyrights and maintains the integrity of his philosophy. The principle that forms the basis of Dick Bruna’s work – respect for the world of the child – also forms the basis of the work done by Mercis. The aim is to create space that allows all children to explore their own unique view of the world.

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BankGiro Lottery

The BankGiro Lottery is the lottery that supports culture and heritage in the Netherlands. The nearly 600,000 people who play the lottery stand a chance of winning prizes and support all aspects of culture in the Netherlands, from windmills and museums to concerts and festivals. In 2014 the BankGiro Lottery awarded a grant of € 700,000 to help fund the creation of a new Miffy Museum.


Gemeente Utrecht

Utrecht is a vibrant cultural city that is rapidly gaining international allure. The cultural policy of the city of Utrecht is based on three key principles: the city as a stage, the city as a creative centre, and the city as a learning environment. The Miffy Museum fully supports these principles.

As part of the Centraal Museum, the Miffy Museum is subsidised by the municipality of Utrecht within the framework of the government’s 2012-2016 Memorandum on Culture (Cultuurnota 2012-2016).

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