large shop

In the museumshop on the Oudegracht you will find a wide range of Miffy gifts. From soft toys and T-shirts to puzzles and beakers, there is something for everyone. The shop is open from 10.00-17:00 hours and pin only. Freely accessible without a ticket.

Cosy coffee corner

Thirsty or hungry from exploring and playing in the museum? In the coffee corner on the first floor we have a choice of snacks and drinks.
Sit back and enjoy a fruit juice, a cup of coffee or a delicious Miffy pancake. Note: Pin only

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Summer in the museum

This Summer it can get very warm at the temporary location of the miffy museum.

Please bring enough water with you and enjoy a nice cold drink or ice cream in our coffee corner.

Click here for more information about the possibility to reschedule your visit.