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kind met moederkind met moeder

The Miffy Museum is located in the centre of Utrecht's museum district, at Agnietenstraat 2. The museum is around 1500 square metres in size and is devoted entirely to visitors with young children. A visit to the Miffy Museum is an unforgettable journey of active discovery: sight, smell, exploration, discovery, activities... through play, we learn so much more!

The Miffy Museum is part of the Centraal Museum Foundation.

The Miffy Museum would not have been possible without the generous contributions from Mercis BV and the VriendenLoterij. Special thanks go to our partners: Mr Beam, KNGU, Leer in het Verkeer, and GezondWilnis medical centre.

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More information on Miffy and Dick Bruna: miffy.com
For more information on Dick Bruna's studio and the Bruna collection: centraalmuseum.nl/en
Images Dick Bruna: Ferry André de la Porte
other photography: Emmely van Mierlo & Corné Clemens, and a lot of enthusiastic children

nijntje museum
agnietenstraat 2
3512 xb utrecht

+31 (0)30-2362399

mo closed

tu - su 10:00 - 17:00

mo closed

tu - su 10:00 - 17:00

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