Look, Miffy steps out!

From 28 October 2018, the first day that the winter clock sets in, the projection “Miffy lives here” will be displayed on the façade of the Miffy Museum.

This animated projection was created specifically for this location. The images make use of actual elements of the museum’s characteristic façade. For example, the falling snow accumulates on the window ledge, Miffy opens the front door, a bird shelters from the rain beneath the eaves, and Boris Bear’s kite gets stuck in the window frame.

Every evening passers-by of all ages can enjoy this cheerful wintry animation.

2018-2019 season

from 28 October to 27 January

every day from 17.15 to 23.00 hrs

the animation lasts 13 minutes and is shown as a continuous loop

next year again!


The Utrecht-based Projection art Studio Mr.Beam was commissioned by Centraal Museum to create ‘Miffy lives here’.
The project is sponsored by the BankGiro Loterij.

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