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The Miffy Museum is a series of miniature worlds. Ten rooms, each dedicated to a different subject, invite young children to discover the world around them step by step. Inspired by Dick Bruna’s picture books, the miniature worlds created in these rooms include Miffy’s house and familiar everyday experiences such as going to the doctor and going to the zoo. Here children can literally step into the world of Miffy and her friends.

animal fun

In the zoo at the Miffy Museum you can play with all of the animals no matter whether they’re wild or tame. Teach the parrots to talk and see if you can find the mice hiding in the wild animal enclosures. Feel the different kinds of animal fur and learn to recognise the sounds that animals make. Do you know what pigs eat? What about chickens? Play the ‘feeding time’ game and find out.

your first museum

Is this your very first visit to a museum? In ‘the museum’ room you can find out what happens at a museum. Discover artworks by Dick Bruna and create your own masterpiece with shapes and colours, or build one with blocks. But make sure your artistic tower doesn’t topple over!

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‘I create a world that children fill with their own imagination.’

Dick Bruna (1927-2017)

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